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Save The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a place for musicians, teenagers, bands, and people to hang out. Music and people of all types. Christians, Non - Christians, Metal bands, Acoustic bands, Punk bands, Grunge bands, and many more. It is a positive place for people to be inspired. The only negative idea about the The Sanctuary is that they don't follow the rules of what the older generation thinks is right or wrong. To me, that is the most inspiring part. We do not have to follow the rules of the older generation of Monroe in order to live right, be good people, and stay out of trouble. We say thanks to the older generation of monroe, our elected officials, our police officers, our fire fighters, our teachers, our local business owners, our local christians, but we do not accept or respect recent actions forced upon us by some of the departments above. Since the Paraground switched into a bar, Cotton Port Coffee and The Sanctuary were the only Non-Alcohol / All Ages places for teenagers to go. What do we do now? Cottonport Coffee was closed a month ago, and now this with The Sanctuary? Should I, as a citizen of Monroe Louisiana, go hang out in a parking lot? Or start a fight with someone? Let me see if I can get a fake I.D. so I can get into some of these bars around town. Let's just get someone older than us to buy alcohol and ride around drinking it. I do not accept it. I want to go to a place where bands play, and there is no alcohol. Any kind of band. Any kind of venue. Any kind of people who went to shows at The Sanctuary. Any kind of people who likes any kind of music. Any kind of people who does not accept recent actions by the City of Monroe. Any kind of teenager. Any kind of adult. Any kind of Christian. Any kind of Non-Christian. Everyone should stand together on this matter. I am willing to stand in fromt of the City of Monroe with a huge sign. Are you? We should come together right now and win this thing. The City of Monroe does not have the right to take away a place like The Sanctuary. And if it does, at least we tried. What do you say? Is everyone in for a city protest next week? I will do all of the paper work. You people just show up! Let's do this for underground music in Northeast Louisiana. Contact me at this email - Thanks for your time;action=display;num=1124166928


READ THESE ARTICALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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