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Cops on Acid

The Motherfucker is a Time Machine

10/24/05 09:33 pm - antidonnie

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9/14/05 05:41 pm - antidonnie

This show is designed to raise money for a new all ages music venue! Now I KNOW everyone is down with that! now - you know antidonnie is all about the all ages venue! so i put 100% effort into this place with dustin (the godfather) - again - we have the location (in west monroe - so that you kids wont get spraid with mace)....

all we need now is money! plus this will also be a coffee shop! so you guys look forward to good times again! we are not going to discriminate against who plays there either! it will be just about like cottonport coffee was in the begining - just 100 times better! --

i need feedback from you people! what do you think? do you have idea's? suggestions? bring it on!

THE OFFICIAL LINE UP IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THIS ORDER

The Event Starts at 12pm in the daytime!!!!! september 24 - saturday - ALL DAY EVENT - it will be located in the parking lot next to the paraground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5$ cover -- we will be selling drinks!!! and taking donations!!!!!!

call 318-388-0600 for details!!!!!!

(acoustic nirvana tribute - former members of miasmata) 5 songs

Slaying Faith

Eyes of Sin



The Subbionic Radio

The Winterpark Massacre

The Passing Lane (former members of This Blessed Mourning)

Gator Bait (former members of Jihad)

Sixty Cycle

Cops on Acid

Stricken Zero

Minerva Veil

thanks so much to these bands for helping with the show and playing for free to raise money for the new all ages venue!!!! everytime one of you people see one of these people - you say thanks! they are helping underage people!!!!!!!!

email me - or call me ---- 388-0600 antidonnie@paraground.com

thanks to all the people / parents / WMPD involved in this!


9/5/05 01:05 am - antidonnie

well well well.

sometimes - in america - its time to open back up.
but with a little twist...........

ok..... but you have to go to http://www.paraground.com/ to know the entire update!

8/21/05 01:54 pm - antidonnie

If you want to be a part of this movement. If you want your voice to be heard. If you dont believe in recent actions taken by local departments.

There is a meeting today to organize the movement.

Today @ 5pm

at Kiroli park - you'll know where to go - we will either have a sign or someone there pointing the direction.

Thanks for your time

8/20/05 06:54 pm - antidonnie

A Leader / Phase 4

Ok. Before this afternoon your local Antidonnie was in charge of this site. I got involved because if we didnt unite and act together right now, the cause would be lost with no organization. Ali cannot be a part of it "officially" because of investigations.Now we are organized and there is a team. I will remain a large part of this but I cannot legally put my name on anything ( permits, petitions, etc. ) but we have some people who can.

There are now, as of this afternoon 2 leaders of this operation. I am now just a member.

Tomorrow, there will be a meeting at 5pm at Kiroli park.

I want parents, teachers, and all of you there for this. We were going to throw a show at Lazaar in west monroe - but we have changed it to Forsythe. And that is for a couple of different reasons. Mainly to have MPD present, cause they have to be. That was not my idea either - i cannot take credit for it. But soon we will have a date for that.

We need to raise money for a new venue. I am willing to put in time and experience and money to this thing, but you all need a place to go without alcohol.

Please copy and paste this everywhere that you can. Email it to everyone.

for more info - email pleasesavethesanctuary@hotmail.com

Thanks for your time! Stay American!

8/18/05 07:54 pm - antidonnie

Save The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a place for musicians, teenagers, bands, and people to hang out. Music and people of all types. Christians, Non - Christians, Metal bands, Acoustic bands, Punk bands, Grunge bands, and many more. It is a positive place for people to be inspired. The only negative idea about the The Sanctuary is that they don't follow the rules of what the older generation thinks is right or wrong. To me, that is the most inspiring part. We do not have to follow the rules of the older generation of Monroe in order to live right, be good people, and stay out of trouble. We say thanks to the older generation of monroe, our elected officials, our police officers, our fire fighters, our teachers, our local business owners, our local christians, but we do not accept or respect recent actions forced upon us by some of the departments above. Since the Paraground switched into a bar, Cotton Port Coffee and The Sanctuary were the only Non-Alcohol / All Ages places for teenagers to go. What do we do now? Cottonport Coffee was closed a month ago, and now this with The Sanctuary? Should I, as a citizen of Monroe Louisiana, go hang out in a parking lot? Or start a fight with someone? Let me see if I can get a fake I.D. so I can get into some of these bars around town. Let's just get someone older than us to buy alcohol and ride around drinking it. I do not accept it. I want to go to a place where bands play, and there is no alcohol. Any kind of band. Any kind of venue. Any kind of people who went to shows at The Sanctuary. Any kind of people who likes any kind of music. Any kind of people who does not accept recent actions by the City of Monroe. Any kind of teenager. Any kind of adult. Any kind of Christian. Any kind of Non-Christian. Everyone should stand together on this matter. I am willing to stand in fromt of the City of Monroe with a huge sign. Are you? We should come together right now and win this thing. The City of Monroe does not have the right to take away a place like The Sanctuary. And if it does, at least we tried. What do you say? Is everyone in for a city protest next week? I will do all of the paper work. You people just show up! Let's do this for underground music in Northeast Louisiana. Contact me at this email - pleasesavethesanctuary@hotmail.com Thanks for your time



READ THESE ARTICALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





8/13/05 11:55 pm - antidonnie

its up! it sounds good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stricken zero / hydrogrind
vidrines / presidential candidate
sixty cycle / in the name of christ
quarter ton cloud / cryin shame
antidonnie / our evolution
cops on acid / strings and keys
Southerly / NO NAME

yea. from metal to acoustic!


8/13/05 02:12 pm - antidonnie

Another Entry!

i know i said i wouldnt use blogs anymore -- BUT i have pictures up! LOTS of them... and there could be one of YOU. either way - youll get to see what the paraground looks like - and what it did look like - and some people you know.

ALSO we have music up! right now it is stricken zero and the vidrines - but soon ill have up to 7 songs on there --- INCLUDING sixty cycle / cops on acid / psilonauts / quarter ton cloud / antidonnie and any band local i can think of!

right now the mp3 player is being used for fun - but when we re-open - ill be using it for bands who are playing - or going to play there!

you africans keep in touch! and go sign up on the message board! www.paraground.com

thanks again to darkstarasylum.com for building the website!

6/19/05 09:22 pm - antidonnie


ok -- two weekday shows @ the paraground this week!!!!!!!

monday - stella maris / chagrin / the color revolt / bethany rayborn / brittany maddox

7pm -- 5$

tuesday --

simpliciter (formerly known as fuzz munky) / stricken zero / cops on acid

7pm - 5$

WORD!!!! weekday shows! GOATWHORE THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!

6/6/05 04:55 pm - paroxysma - SHOW TIME = FLYERS!

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